Freshening up Yarn Twists - The Undoing and Redoing Part 1

Friday, September 30, 2011

It's that time again. My yarn twists are starting to look a tad worse for wear, so I've decided to freshen them up. A few posts ago I let you in on how I redo yarn braids. I'm using the same method for my yarn twists.

So I've redone half my head and will do the other half next weekend. So far this is what I've learnt.

  • Undoing yarn twists is a breeze!! So perfect for those bereft of time to spend on hair, or the lazy : ). When doing yarn twists, I braid at the root then start twisting. So when I'm undoing them, the yarn pretty much unravels until the small braided section. It takes about 15 seconds to undo that section, and I'm done! In terms of time consumption, yarn twists are winning.
  • Seeing as the hair and yarn are twisted, this could potentially turn into knots and breakage central. Especially if you're natural. When you get to the roots, just be cautious and focus more on working the hair out of the yarn, rather than whipping the yarn out. Untwisting each strand of yarn or each piece of hair individually may work when you see a tangle forming.
I hope those two points help someone. I'd really love to get more suggestions if anyone has some, I'm still learning : )


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