Still in Recovery Mode - from my weave woes

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So yesterday's post was about how I had to remove my new weave for fear it would rip my hair out and ruin my scalp. I decided not to re-do the weave today, as my scalp still hurts a bit.

Today I wore a braid out. Love braid outs. It was too cute!!!

I'm continuing to treat my hair until I weave it up again. When I did the braid out my hair was a wee bit dry and my ends a bit tangly, but in much better condition than the day I took the weave out. I've learned through experience and from others that properly moisturized hair is something you have to build up to, it doesn't happen overnight. One of my favourite natural youtubers, RusticBeauty has a great video on this.

I moisturized heavily with my glycerine/ aloevera juice/ water mix which helped a lot.

This evening I've saturated my hair with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) again. It's amazing how much it softens, limits tangling and knotting. EVOO is rocking my world right now. After applying it, I'ved twisted and baggied. I'll leave it like this over night, and plan to cowash with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration then twist up again in the morning. Will let you know how it goes.

Ciao my lovlies!

My New Weave - Take 2!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

They say "If you want something done ...." The day I got my weave done, my scalp was quite painful, but I thought it was normal and the pain would go away. Well, it didn't. The next day I asked my mum to take a look at the most painful spot, and it was swollen people!!! Apparently my skin there was also pulled up, like really taught. Didn't even think twice about it, and took that baby (the weave) right out! As I took it out, I found another 2 or 3 swollen spots. Arrrgh!!! Anyway, my scalp felt so much better. Put my hair in plats and went to bed.

Today I prepood for the first time. Primarily because when I undid my hair it was soooo dry, I was afraid to do anything to it (remember how I'd said I didn't get the chance to treat my hair properly the way I normally do inbetween braids and weaves?).

1) I applied EVOO, saturating my hair completely. Sat around for about 3 hours (I know it's Wednesday, I'm on break from uni lol, I'm not being a bum).

2) I then mixed up and applied some Multani Mati Powder (fuller's earth) - I normally use Bentonite Clay, but I've moved and haven't found a place to get some yet.

3) Rinsed off the Multani powder after about and hour and shampood (I mixed in some glycerine into my shampoo)

4) I did a strong amla tea rinse. I let it sit for about a minute, squeezed out the excess tea, but did not rinse the tea out.

4) I then applied some ORS Replenishing Conditioner. I used the "reconditioning method" (I'll definitely do a post about this soon, it worked great!) and DC'd for about 25 minutes - then rinsed.

5) At about 50% dry, sprayed my glycerine/aloevera juice/water mix, applied EVOO and waited about 15 minutes, then applied a shea butter mix. Then put my hair into 8 plaits.

My hair is back to it's normal soft self!!! YAY. I'll be redoing the weave myself tomorrow or within the next few days, depending on how my scalp feels.

That's all for now. *I'll post pics tomorrow of what my hair looks like*

Ok here are the pics I promised. I love it when my hair is like this, so soft and fluffy : )


P.S. Ever had any weave/ braid mishaps? How did your hair recover?

Black Hair Weave Styles - I got a weave y'all! ... and other things

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm all weaved up! I was beginning to give up on weaves, but I think this one's a keeper. I've never had big hair so it's taking some getting used to ... It's braids in the front and weaved at the back.

It was quite imprompt tu, so I didn't really get the chance to treat my hair the way I normally do between braids. I only got to shampoo and did a quick DC with cholesterol (baggied with a plastic bag and used a blower on top of that) and then got weaved up!

My hair has grown, and is in the best condition it's ever been. One lady just looked at my hair and said "I never knew natural hair could look like this!" Although it was meant to be a complement, I was really disheartened. Black people don't even really know what our own hair looks like! So sad.

When the lady started doing the weave, she started to comb my hair while it was dry. I felt the comb ripping at my hair and saw few hairs fall to the floor. I immediately asked her to stop. I realized she didn't even see the damage should would have caused to my hair. Breakage is so normal to us, that we continue to rake and break our hair, all the while expecting it to get longer. One of the girls there even told me that combing my natural hair with a wide tooth comb is what enoucouraged knots, and that I should infact be using one of those small tooth rat tail combs ... she said she knew because she'd also had natural hair in the past. She continued to berrate me until I told her that I was glad that she'd found that that's what worked for her, but it wasn't going to work for my hair! That's one lesson I learnt with my hair, if someone else is doing it, speak up when you don't like what they're doing. Because at the end of the day, it'll be you that's dealing with the damage. [/rant]

All in all, I think it turned out ok, my scalp is a bit tender in the middle. Hopefully that goes away soon. Will let you know. Any of you had a change of hair style lately? Had someone else do your hair? How was your experience? Thoughts on my weave?

Hair Growth Progress Pics

Friday, April 3, 2009

So I've had these braids in for about 3 weeks. Thought it was hair growth progress pics time! I can see a teeny weeny bit of growth. Can you see it? I haven't measured it yet, I think I'll wait a bit.

My edges have to be re-done this weekend. A few braids have come out during the week, especially while washing, so I need to put those back in too. My edges look like they're doing well (I'll try and do comparison photos of those too sometime).

Had a wash day yesterday. I shampooed for the first time in about a month. Then deep conditioned. The hair where the braids have come out looks so shiney and feels really strong. I'm stoked! : )

Shooting the Breeze - No Joke!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I got pooped on by a bird y'all. lol, don't laugh!!

I was sitting at a table outside, about to have luch with a friend at uni, when I felt something cold drop on my head and into my lap. I though it was water, until I looked down at my dress, only to see a big drop of poo!!! I nearly died! I was so shocked y'all. I'm thinking "oh no you didn't" and all I could say was "I think I just got sha* on!" LOL.

About to bite into my Eggs Benedict too.

Remind me never to sit where there's no overhead covering...

T'is all.

Cassia Re-Miiiiix - How I make my Cassia Obovata Paste

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guess what I did??! I made my first video ever! It's nothing fancy, but I'm so proud of it :) It shows how I mix the cassia obovata powder into a paste when I'm out of braids.

I still get a few clumps, but they don't really matter because they're soft and will "smudge" onto the hair just like the rest of the mix. So get rid of as many clumps as you can, but don't stand there trying to get every single one out. You'll be there forever and a day LOL!

This is what works for me, but I'm always up for some constructive criticism. So let me know what you think! How do you mix your cassia?

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