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Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm all weaved up! I was beginning to give up on weaves, but I think this one's a keeper. I've never had big hair so it's taking some getting used to ... It's braids in the front and weaved at the back.

It was quite imprompt tu, so I didn't really get the chance to treat my hair the way I normally do between braids. I only got to shampoo and did a quick DC with cholesterol (baggied with a plastic bag and used a blower on top of that) and then got weaved up!

My hair has grown, and is in the best condition it's ever been. One lady just looked at my hair and said "I never knew natural hair could look like this!" Although it was meant to be a complement, I was really disheartened. Black people don't even really know what our own hair looks like! So sad.

When the lady started doing the weave, she started to comb my hair while it was dry. I felt the comb ripping at my hair and saw few hairs fall to the floor. I immediately asked her to stop. I realized she didn't even see the damage should would have caused to my hair. Breakage is so normal to us, that we continue to rake and break our hair, all the while expecting it to get longer. One of the girls there even told me that combing my natural hair with a wide tooth comb is what enoucouraged knots, and that I should infact be using one of those small tooth rat tail combs ... she said she knew because she'd also had natural hair in the past. She continued to berrate me until I told her that I was glad that she'd found that that's what worked for her, but it wasn't going to work for my hair! That's one lesson I learnt with my hair, if someone else is doing it, speak up when you don't like what they're doing. Because at the end of the day, it'll be you that's dealing with the damage. [/rant]

All in all, I think it turned out ok, my scalp is a bit tender in the middle. Hopefully that goes away soon. Will let you know. Any of you had a change of hair style lately? Had someone else do your hair? How was your experience? Thoughts on my weave?


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