I'm back! Out With Pixie Braids, in with Twists.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally done with exams! Wooohoooo!

Ok enough of that and back to the point of this post. I removed the pixie braids I had. They ended up looking so so so frizzy, had to hide them under a wig. It's probably because I co-washed them about 4 times over the last 5 weeks. But they did the job. Kept my hands out of my hair and they were really hassle free.

I got some good growth too over the last 5 weeks. Here are some pics. Disclaimer: I know, I know, this probably wasn't the best way to measure the growth, but it gives me a rough idea which is all I needed, really. I got a little more than a centimetre ... that's about 0.5" or a little less (what I've marked in red is where I cm begins and ends on the ruler, then in black where the braid begins). I'm happy with that : )

After undoing the pixie braids I DC'd on dry hair with Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise with heat. My first DC with heat in more than 6 months! I'll post a review on the ORS Hair Mayo after a couple more uses. I then put my hair in twists because I'm thinking of doing a twist out tomorrow. Yes yes, if I do I'll be posting pics : ) . The pic on the left is the set of twists I did today and the one on the right is a set from October/November.

: ) Couldn't be happier with my hair at the moment.


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