L'Oreal Found Guilty of Racism

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Apparently they sent a fax around saying that only white French people could be recruited to promote Garnier products.

It's disheartening that this sort of thing still happens in 2009!!! Come on! So when sistas complain about not being able to find jobs, it's not in their heads! This is the type of thing we're put up against. It's ridiculous... OK fair enough, I'm sure their biggest market is white ... but I'm sure there is a fair amount of black women using their products as well ...I also don't think white people would stop using Garnier products because there's a black person promoting it.

And L'oreal says they're 'dissapointed' by the verdict?? I reckon they're only 'dissapointed' they got caught out!!

What a shame...

You can find the full story here


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